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Palo Santo Room Spray

Palo Santo Room Spray

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A luxuriously woody, earthy scent with sweet spice, cedar, and zesty lemon leaf, plus a hint of smokey incense. Its essential oil calms headaches, eases asthma, relieves anxiety, depresses inflammation, and reduces depression. Perfect for an aromatic in-home spa and a wonderfully therapeutic massage.

 Top notes: Cedarwood, Amber

Middle notes: Pine, Smoke, Earth

3.2oz | 100ml

Natural Odor Eliminator in every bottle which will effectively neutralize and remove offensive back odors.

Made in Queens, NY

Ingredients: distilled water, Natural Odor Absorbing Enzymes, Amber , Cedarwood Pine essential oils

 *Shake Well

*Use to refresh your home living area, bedding, car interior, wash room or any desired space.

 *Spray 8ft away from Linens, Sofas, Hardwood Floor and Carpets to avoid stains in color.


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