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COFFEE LOVER Room/Linen Spray

COFFEE LOVER Room/Linen Spray

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Experience the mouth-watering aroma of Cafecito, Por Favor! Our room spray is the perfect way to reset your day with its smooth and creamy coffee notes, plus hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and milk. Enjoy the several benefits of this dynamic oil, including mental clarity, reduced inflammation, energy, immune support, and disinfecting properties. Refresh your space with this invigorating blend! ( Room/Linen Spray)

Indulge in the perfect blend of dark coffee beans, sweet vanilla, and cracked hazelnuts with our Coffee Addition Room/Linen Spray. Instantly refresh any room or fabric with a deliciously cozy and aromatic scent. Wake up your senses and energize your space with just a few sprays.

Cafecito, Por Favor :Top notes: Coffee Bean

                                        Middle notes: Cinnamon, Milk

Coffee Addiction :Top notes: Dark Roasted Coffee Bean, Hazelnut

                                    Middle notes: Cream, Hazelnut

1oz | 30ml

3.2oz | 100ml

Natural Odor Eliminator in every bottle which will effectively neutralize and remove offensive back odors.

Made in Queens, NY

Ingredients: distilled water, Natural Odor Absorbing Enzymes, Fragrance essential oils

 *Shake Well

*Use to refresh your home living area, bedding, car interior, wash room or any desired space.

 *Spray 8ft away from Linens, Sofas, Hardwood Floor and Carpets to avoid stains in color.


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